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5 Day Retreat

March 9-14, 2019 

Maya Tulum Resort in Tulum, Mexico

Escape the winter on an unforgettable journey of self-exploration at the Maya Tulum Resort with Michelle and Brianna.  Using various modalities, we’ll work together to support your journey of self-discovery.   Our retreat combines yoga, meditation, reiki, and life coaching to lovingly support you and provide you with tools to foster self-love.  Surrounded by the blissful and calming beachfront setting, we will dig deeper than you thought possible, revealing the path to answer questions you may not have known you had, and helping you discover how to release anything holding you back. 

In addition to the many amenities that Maya Tulum has to offer, the retreat also includes:

·       All meals

·       Morning yoga

·       Evening mediation, yin, or reiki

·       Two one-on-one coaching sessions

·       A one-on-one reiki/healing session

·       …and of course, fun!

The retreat is open to everyone; all levels, all ages, all bodies, all genders. All that is required is a desire to explore something new.

Brianna and Michelle have been friends for over 20 years. In the beginning you could not have found two more different souls but somehow the universe brought them together as roommates freshmen year of college. Over the years they have supported each other through light and love and the common pursuit of helping others.  Anytime these two souls are together, they are able to return to the Halcyon days filled with joy and carefree spirit.

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